"And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my Gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength as is not known among men."

-D&C 24:12

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!

Hello everyone! 

  This week was a roller coaster. It was really crazy, not gonna lie. We had another division this week with the Sisters in Olhão, and this time we separated and I went to Olhão with Sister Oliveira and SIster Harper stayed here in Faro with Sister Andrade. I just love those sisters so much. Sister Andrade has been with me the entire time i´ve been in Faro and we´ll be finishing the mission together.
  Sigh. I love the Algarve. These last couple of P-Days, we´ve been roaming around the Algarve with the car and visiting new places and coming back to well-known ones. This very well may be my last week in the Algarve and Faro because next weeks is transfers and I have no idea what´s going to happen with me!
  Will I stay? Will I go? Who knows? Well, God knows. And I trust in His judgement, so I know that whatever happens will be what needs to happen. Sigh. Maybe i´ll serve in or around Lisbon. I still haven´t served anywhere around there yet...
  We had our District Conference this past week and President and Sister Tavares were there. They spoke to the whole district of the Algarve and it was so spiritual. 
  One thing i´ve been reminded of this week was of how fast the work of the Lord is progressing and how much satan doesn´t want that. He really will do anything to stop this work from progressing. And so many things have happened this week in Faro that it´s so important to remember that NOTHING can stop the work of the Lord and it´s so important to always be united and in harmony with one another. I love my companion and I love my district here in Faro. 

  I truly have been so blessed with so many good people around me here in Portugal. It makes me so happy that sometimes I just wanna cry of happiness. 

  Have a marvelous week, everyone!

-Sister Mancuso


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