"And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my Gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength as is not known among men."

-D&C 24:12

Monday, February 2, 2015

There can be miracles

Transfers week! I´m staying in Coimbra! Sister Donahoo went to Madeira, so now my new comp is Sister McCall! I´ve known her since the MTC!
This WEEK WAS amazing!!!!! So many miracles! It seems like the Lord really tries your faith sometimes, but in the end, if you trust in Him and do your best, He WILL deliver! And so it always is, becuase this week: #blessingsabound
  It literally came out of nowhere, but it was perfect! Remember that guy that I told you about who was the son of a member and we started teaching him? Bruno was so elect and prepared and he was so willing and ready to be baptized! He started crying after the baptismal interview and said he was feeling something special. He knows that all of this is true and he has such a strong testimony of the BOM and of the gospel! This gospel literally turned his life around! Everytime we had a lesson with him, the spirit was so strong and it was testifying to all of us of the truth of these things. The BOM has an incredible power that can help any person in all of the problems in our lives. I have such a strong testimony of that! The gospel can literally change the hearts of men to do good!
  So yeah, originally he was marked to be baptized next saturday, but we did a mini division, so when we went to have our next lesson, we felt that we needed to challenge him to be baptized this saturday. The spirit was so strong and he said a prayer. We all waited in silence a minute and then he said "Saturday" and smiled. We got so happy and excited and for the rest of the week, we helped him prepare for saturday. Bruno is literally an example of someone the Lord has prepared to receive His gospel. I love this work so much!
  Mariana has been coming to church every sunday and she´s been reading and praying a lot these past few weeks. When we first met her, she didn´t even know if a God existed and now, she told me the other day "the very first thing I do before I wake up is say a prayer" and she always keeps the BOM that our bishop gave her and she reads it on the bus. She gave her testimony on Sunday and when Sister Donahoo left, she cried! She cried  A LOT. But she knows the church is true and she said that some of the best moments in her life have come from coming to know the gospel. Now we just have to work on getting her married.....
  What else happened this week?
  We heart attacked a bunch of members this week and they all LOVE IT! We went to one member´s house, and unknowingly HA her door with hearts and scriptures and she said that that day had been terrible and that our HA helped her out so much because she said that the Lord answered her prayers. I think we brought a little happiness back to the ward because they have been a bit down these past few weeks. They kept saying that "angels left hearts on their doors", so that was awesome!
  OH GUESS WHAT? I have the flu. THE FLU!!!!! It stinks so bad. And it´s been raining a lot in Coimbra! The perfect combination :)
  Hope everyone´s doing great! Thanks for the emails! I love hearing about everyone even when I can´t respond back! You are all amazing and THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!
Sister Mancuso

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