"And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my Gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength as is not known among men."

-D&C 24:12

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ola! Pessoal!

Tudo bem?
I have so many updates this week!
Well, let´s start.
  Last P-Day we visited this really pretty park with these REALLY old sculptures and I loved it. Parque de Santa Cruz. LOVED IT. Then that night, we were knocking doors and we found this catholic woman who, at first, didn´t want anything, but didn´t close her door. After talking a couple of minutes she started asking questions and the spirit really touched her heart because she was being more and more attentive and wanted to know more. She told us we can come back and she said she would pray to know if these things were true.
  On tuesday we went to visit this investigator we have, and we ended up talking to her roommate, Cristina, who is from China and doesn´t really know God, but says she wants to. She is so willing to learn and she wanted to pray with us and said she was going to pray and read and she felt really good about talking to us. The spirit was SO STRONG during that lesson! So now we´re meeting with her.
  On wednesday we had Zone Conference and a less-active member went out with us and it was so good because she´s a young woman and she kinda wants to serve a mission, so we´re helping her solidify that maybe!
  On thursday, we had DIVISIONS (aka day of miracles) and it was amazing! We met so many new people and it really brought enthusiasm back to the work and I LOVE MY MISSION SO MUCH!
  On saturday, we had a REALLY spiritual lesson with one of our investigators, Wassina, from Angola, and he´s going to be baptized this sunday! He is so awesome and the Lord really needs him on His side and he has so many questions and loves that we have the answers and you can totally tell how much this is helping him and it makes me love this gospel even more! We also had a lesson with Mariana and Nuno! They are having major problems so we went over and all we did at first was make bread. Just make bread. I kneaded the bread for half an hour and we talked and laughed and I think it helped them forget for awhile. We finished with the bread and shared a spiritual message with them and talked about fasting and how it really can help us with our problems in our lives. They both agreed to fast. It was a small miracle because Nuno was really reluctant at first, but after they felt the spirit, he decided to also fast with Mariana. It made me happy :)
  I just love this gospel SSSSOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I´m so grateful I´m able to have this truth in my life and i´m so happy i´m able to share it because there is a scripture in the bible that says "and by their fruits ye shall know them." The fruits of this gospel really are happiness and love, and it helps us grow closer to our Savior more and more!
  Hope everyone has a good week! Write me!

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