"And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my Gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength as is not known among men."

-D&C 24:12

Monday, December 8, 2014

Good morning Portimao

Hey! How is everything? Sorry for not writing lately! I´ve been transferred to... PORTIMÃO! Right next door to Lagos! It was actually pretty funny! We´re Pink-washing (which means opening a new area where there weren´t missionaries, which in this case, was just splitting the Elders´area) with 2 other sisters!!!
   This week was good. A little dismal, but good. Since Sister Baird and the other Sister Training leader had to go do divisions this week, me and Sister Baugh were left alone for two days! It was rough.
BUT... Full of miracles! We found 2 menos ativos and we didn´t have any new investigators, which we need badly, but it wasn´t because we didn´t try! Since you know me and i´m kinda shy when I need to talk to people, I´m not the best at contacting on the street, but I do like it. But since I figured I need to lay my fears on the altar of sacrifice (I´m working towards becoming a consecrated missionary. It´s my long-term goal.), I TALKED TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON I ENCOUNTERED! And it wasn´t that bad! I opened my mouth and I talked to so many people, and I was the one to do it! It was awesome!
   What else happened?
   OH I had an interview with Presidente Fluckiger this week! It was awesome! He came down to Faro (the Algarve zone meeting place) and he had interviews with all the missionaries. In my interview he said HE HAD CONFIDENCE IN ME. He said I was doing a really good job for a young missonary. He said he might have to put me with a much younger companion (which means I might be training!!!!)... But it was a very good interview and i´m so happy I had one with him.
  We found a ton of menos ativos this week! Since we don´t have too many investigators yet, we just look for a lot of menos ativos and we found a few! One was this really old lady, and another was this little old man, and some jovems, and it was awesome! We´re working on reactivating a couple of moças who stopped coming, but are really cool!
  They need to serve missions...
  This week is gonna be crazy! I´M GONNA BE 20 ON SATURDAY, I also have to go to Lisboa to do my residency (can you believe i´ve already been in Portugal for 3 months????) this wednesday, so we wanna make a pit stop to The American Store in Lisbon (where they sell all things American) And try to find pumpkin pie filling, spices, mac and cheese, you know, all that fun stuff. But it may not happen. But I love Lisboa, so i´m excited. But i´m not excited for the 3 and a half hour bus ride there. IT´S SO LONG. But i´m already used to using a lot of public transportation soooo...
   Also, we´re getting things ready for Thanksgiving this week! We actually are having Thanksgiving with the Stucki´s (YES) and i´m making sweet potatoes and it will be awesome! The only thing is that we may not find a turkey so..... We will probably have to find a big chicken. BUT I am definitely making sweet potatoes and we will have stuffing and pumpkin pie and pecan pie and mashed potatoes and gravy and salad and all that good stuff! IT WILL BE AMAZING. And while i´m there I will be thanking Heavenly Father for all of you :)
   Also, I´ve barely told you all about my companion.  She´s the best! Sister Baird is AWESOME! She´s so sweet and we just get along together so great! We´re always laughing and smiling and we teach well together, so i´m happy. She loves to eat healthy, so i´m learning to eat healthy too. She loves to eat gourmet too, so it kinda reminds me of Sarah. BUT Lagos trained me for the craziness of always walking, so now my calf muscles are ridiculous and when she wants to sit and rest, I´m not even tired!
   ALSO, I have realized how much i´ve actually learned while i´ve been on my misison. SO much. My testimony about the gospel has grown so much since i´ve been here. Not only has my portuguese improved, but my testimony has grown! It´s so hard to contain sometimes! I just want to tell everyone everyhting about how much I love this gospel! So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought i´d add a few things that i´m thankful for:
-Being a missionary
-Having a great companion!
-Being in Portugal
and of course,
-My family and friends back home (that´s all of you!!!!)
  Also... I hope to get lots of emails in my mailbox this week... *hint hint*
Love you all and have a great week!

Amazing place!!!!
With her companions at the beach

At the beach in Portimao
At the beach in Portimao

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