"And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my Gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength as is not known among men."

-D&C 24:12

Monday, January 5, 2015

1/3 done with my mission!!!!

AHHHH!!!!!!! I´M 1/3 DONE WITH MY MISSION!!!! How strange is that? I didn´t even realize it until an Elder at zone meeting was like ´Hey, Sister Mancuso, how does it feel to be 1/3 done with your mission?´
  And then there was dead silence. And I was like WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  It feels weird everyone. Also, it feels weird because I just realized how detached from the World I am everytime someone asks me, did you hear that new maroon5 song? And i´m like, what maroon5 song? And then I realize I don´t know what they´re talking about because I´ve been on my mission for 6 months... That´s my thought process these days...
   So funny story, we were looking for inactive members in our area and we came upon one with the name of BigHate Dang-U. Yeah. We were dying of laughter. We were so confused about this person with this strange name that we asked our bishop. We said HER (yes, it´s a her) name and Bishop Pitarma was so confused that he looked at the name and said ´oh, bighate!´Just imagine me saying that name the way you would say it in spanish. Then we all laughed because bishop speaks english (he served in Ft. Lauderdale on his mission) and he knew what it means in english too.
  GREAT NEWS: GUESS WHAT????? Remember my investigator Jinilda, the one in Lagos who didn´t get baptized while I was there? WELL, She got baptized last week! WITH HER HUSBAND! Her husband was totally against it at first and he wouldn´t even let her be baptized, but they were baptized together and one day they get to go to the temple!!!!!!! AND the russians we were teaching in Portimão got baptized on Christmas! I feel amazing! I just feel like my mission was so hard and I sometimes feel like i´m running into a wall, but now I leave those areas and I had news of 4 baptisms in one week! Needless to say, I cried.
  MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: We contacted this Venezuelan Lady ( GO VENEZUELA!) and she said we could come by her house and talk so we tried but she gave us a wrong address (not on purpose because she´s super elect) and we never found her. THEN we ran into her on the street, after we´d prayed and prayed that we would find her again to talk to her! It literally was a miracle and this week we´ll be teaching her and her family, so I am so happy!
  I feel so much hapiness this week. I love Portugal and I love the gospel and even though a lot of people don´t want to accept this gospel, that doesn´t make it any less true! I get strange looks all day, doors slammed in my face, fake addresses and numbers, but that doesn´t discourage me! I love this gospel and I love the blessings it has brought into my life! I´m so excited to share it with others!
   GUESS WHAT THEY´RE SPLITTING UP THE PORTUGAL MISSION SO IT WILL BE PORTO AND LISBON SEPARATE MISSIONS! I STILL DON´T KNOW WHICH ONE I´LL BE IN, BUT JIDFHGWRFBHSJFDVBSDGBVSDCJXCHVBDFUGVBSDCFD It´s so crazy! I  could be in either one now! We already know who the MP´s are and they´re both brazilian, but they seem cool. I just really wanna stay in Lisboa because I haven´t served there yet and it would be really cool to serve there...

  ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a good new years and i´m really sorry for not writing a whole lot these past few weeks, but I miss you all and love you!

P.S. Here´s a chicken nugget the shape of Florida! lol this is what we do on our P-Days...

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